Paula Bishop, Managing Director, Village Guide Ltd.

“Dawn's skill as a writer helped me to build initial credibility with my clients which was critical during my launch phase. I employed Dawn as a content writer for my website, villageguide.co.nz. She is very professional and easy to work with and I would highly recommend her.”

Jacinda Hills, Academic Staff Member, Toi Ohomai

“I highly recommend Dawn in her role as presentation coach. She delivers workshops that are engaging, fun and challenging. She has a natural ability to get the most apprehensive students participating confidently with verbal presentations - and in such a small time frame!
She has such a wealth of knowledge and experiences, loads of fun stories to tell and is very approachable.
The students who’ve participated in her workshops are now loaded with strategies, and eager to display their presentation skills.”

Kirk Adams, President and CEO, American Foundation for the Blind

“Dawn worked with us as we sought to raise awareness in the Inland Northwest about the Lighthouse for the Blind and employment issues faced by blind people. With great enthusiasm and creativity, she used her considerable talents and relationships in local media to arrange television and radio interviews and connections with newspaper reporters. She knows her community inside and out, and is helping us become an active part of it.”

Richard Vialoux, former vicar, St Mary’s Anglican Church

“Dawn assisted us in the set up of our website and edited our quarterly magazine. Her attention to detail and knowledge of the written and oral language is second to none. Dawn also worked with our young families showing her diversity to work with all ages. She is passionate about her work with a positive outlook, is a great team member with a cheerful personality. I would highly recommend Dawn to anyone.”

Darin Watkins, Communications Director, US Representative and (formerly) Washington State University

“Dawn is one of those rare individuals who has the insight to see where you need to go, as well as tackle what needs to be done today.”

Video: Kirk Adams for Greater Spokane Incorporated